You can’t see inside people’s heads!
What I mean by that is that whilst people may seem happy on the outside, pleased and content with life, there may be turmoil, confusion or anxiety inside. Sometimes we can put on a front, whether it be for the people we care about or to hide our views on something.
Recently I sent a questionnaire out to parents and pupils to try and get an insight into what was in their heads regarding their experiences at, and views towards, the school. I also held three parent forums to give opportunities for face to face feedback. Whilst, I was a little disappointed by the number of responses, it nevertheless gave me a really good insight into what parents and pupils are thinking and their attitude towards the school.
The truth of the matter is that you can’t change someone’s attitude, only they can do that. It is the one thing we totally control in life. It’s what the prisoners and victims of the Holocaust said the Nazis would never get from them during the Second World War. Our attitude is our own, we dominate it 100% and we decide our own opinion on things. As a staff, we will do everything we can to help you decide that this is a great school. We will provide you with positives and successes that allow you to form your own opinion on CTK. Over time we hope that any uncertain attitude that you may have had in the past, will slowly turn to a secure and comfortable feeling that our school is perfect for your children.

Behaviour on the other hand can be changed and controlled by others.
As a school we insist on certain behaviours to keep our pupils safe, e.g. not running down corridors. However, most of the behaviours we want the pupils to display we want them to do because they want to, because their attitude tells them to. Because they think it is the right thing to do and not because adults tell them to. When we have pupils taking ownership of their own behaviour and not waiting to be told how to behave, then we will know that their attitudes are spot on.
Our Golden Rules help pupils understand what constitutes a good attitude towards learning. They provide guidance on appropriate behaviour in school. We recognise them but we don’t reward them like we do house points. The prize or reward they receive is intrinsic to each of them – it’s personal satisfaction that they should feel, expecting nothing more. Understanding how to persevere, be resilient, kind, and honest, listen and concentrate are the building blocks that will help every child succeed in life.