I hope you will allow me some level of self-indulgence as I use analogies from my experiences in sport to put my points across. Leadership skills and attributes are transferable across many fields and the principles can be applied to a variety of settings. My first example of this, is the way we approach improving CTK:

‘Focus on the way we play the game
and the scoreboard will look after itself’.

This is a common term used in sport and helps people focus in times of intense competition. We are developing a great game plan here at CTK and are currently working on a ‘sustainable formula’ that will develop our school significantly; which both adults and pupils are starting to buy into it. I have heard some very positive comments recently and none of them mentioned the scoreboard (Ofsted)!
If what we are doing is right at the moment, then Ofsted ‘will look after itself’. As soon as we focus on inspections and grading we’ve taken our eye off the game. Focusing on embedding positive practices across the school that inspire and motivate our pupils and staff, are the things that matter. The staff are the most important factor in determining your child’s development, so they need to focus on doing their job as well as they can and not worry about the bigger picture; that’s my job!

How do I ensure we are focused on the game?

Every week I try to gauge the temperature around school. I don’t mean how hot or cold it is; although I did moan to Patsy the other day that the heating needed to be on! I mean how happy the children are, how motivated the staff are, how pleased the governors are. The emails I have received from parents, the comments to our staff and the smiles on the children’s faces tell me that we have started on the right track.
But nothing is taken for granted and I recognise that this journey is more of a marathon than a sprint. This is why we are striving to make improvements every day and implement the things that add value to our school.