The other part of me finds it hard to take, because I don’t want to relax and I am impatient for the success I know we can achieve here at CTK. Have you ever found yourself so engrossed in something, whether it be a book, a film, a game or an activity, that you just didn’t want to stop until everything had been resolved? I am feeling a bit like that, I don’t want to put the book down right now!

Trust me everyone needs a break to recharge but for me, six weeks, is a long time to wait before I can ‘finish the film’, so to speak! No doubt I will fill my time with great family moments and get into the swing of holiday, but for now I’m itching to start next year because I see it as the start of RAPID growth for CTK.

I said that these blogs were an insight into what I am thinking and there was something that made me quite sad the other day. We had our KS1 SATs results back which were great and the phonics was good but the KS2 SATs disappointed me. Rest assured, the progress the children had made in the last 18 months under Mr Perry was phenomenal, but the actual results don’t put the school in a good light. I can give excuse after excuse, and genuine reasons, but actually I am hoping that people see beyond these results and look deeper into the school and the experiences the children are having. Sadly, there are those that will judge a book by its cover and there is nothing we can do for that type of tunnel vision. All we can do is constantly improve.

New teachers are starting the school, we are developing a stronger, productive collaboration with St Osmund’s Catholic Primary in Salisbury and we now have a much more positive culture across the school fuelled by energy and enthusiasm in our staff. There’s a real buzz, morale is higher than it has been for years and the staff are all commenting on how we are developing into a strong team. Parents are engaged more now – we have suddenly got a 10 strong PTA! A sign of things going well and people wanting to be involved in our journey. Our children are happy and this can be seen around the school on a daily basis.

For the small group (4-5) of parents who are taking their children to seek greener grass in another school, whilst I hope the schools live up to your expectations you will always be welcome back as you start to hear the great things that are going on here next year. Just give me a ring.

Have an enjoyable summer everyone.