The only problem with that is that you would be hard pushed to find a school that doesn’t value those things as well, so by default, that makes you like every other school!
Our USP is part of our identity, it’s the icing on the cake. Let me explain what I mean by that. When parents of the children in our school are asked by someone that doesn’t know the school; “What are the schools like around here?” The most important part of the response will be the third statement:

"My children go to Christ the King Primary School.
They really enjoy it there.
Do you know, they are the only school that ……………."

During the last academic year, the worry would be that the third statement would be a negative one. Is that still the case? I would hope that this term has shown glimmers of hope and a taste of things to come.
I have started the process of searching for our USP by introducing something called ‘The CTK Way’. This allows us to do things the way we think should be done, not necessarily like everyone else. By taking this approach you allow the staff to own what they create, rather than just copy something off the shelf and expect them to know it inside out. The more we own, the stronger our identity becomes and then one or two things start to develop faster than the others. These one or two things will form our USP.