Christ The King Catholic School

Christ The King Catholic School

Let the love of God shine through us by smiling and being gentle

Who's Who


Mr Peter Eccles, Head of School

Mr R Sanderson, Executive Head Teacher

Mrs T Sterck, Director of Curriculum

Mrs A Brownsword, SENCO

Mrs J Windsor, Collaboration Business Manager
Mrs L Heskett, Admin Assistant Lady C Campbell-Wild, Admin Officer

Mrs A Bunche

Resource Base Manager 

Mr L. Humphries

Resource Base Teacher

Mrs E. Paxton,

Inclusion Manager / ELSA

Mrs L. Simpson

FS Class Teacher

Mrs S Johnson,

Teacher of Y6

Sen. Maria Navarro,

Year 1 /2 Class Teacher

Miss C. Rossall,,

Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant

Miss C Hicks,

Teaching Assistant Y1/2

Mrs C Ward

Year 3/ 4 Teacher 

Miss A. Reed,

Teacher Assistant

Mrs M. Newman,

Resource Base Teacher Assistant/ELSA

Mrs S Jones MDSA

Mrs A. Miles-Parratt,

KS2Teacher Assistant/HLTA

Mrs. J. Grieve

Year 4/5 Teacher

Mrs E. Wilson,

Resource Base TA (1:1)

Miss C. McCabe,

Resource Base TA

Miss K. Walters,

Year 4 / 5  TA

Miss R. Paul,

Resource Base TA

Ms P. Knowles, School Caretaker

Mrs D. Hopkins,

School Chef

Mrs N. Kilby,

Lead MDSA / 1:1 TA

Mrs K. Blackman,