Christ The King Catholic School

Christ The King Catholic School

Let the love of God shine through us by smiling and being gentle



Vision Statement

Christ the King RC Primary is a caring school that encourages all pupils to be ambitious in their attitude, to be inspired by the world and people around them, and resilient in the face of challenge.

Children love attending our school and the parents and families are satisfied that they are getting a great education whilst building memorable life experiences. The bespoke curriculum inspires every child to want to learn and progress at a pace that helps them achieve their potential. A wide range of extra-curricular activity helps to develop confidence and resilience in pupils that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Adults enjoy working at our school because they feel valued and understand what an important part of every child’s future they are. Not only do all staff practice a high degree of professionalism, they are also role models demonstrating the behaviour they expect of the pupils. 

Our culture of ‘everyone a leader’ has all individuals motivated to be better and take positive actions towards making our school a great place to be. This makes our school unique because we draw on the strengths of the unique people we have working and learning here.

We are the hub of our community here in Amesbury and have worked hard to establish strong relationships with local people, places and businesses so that our pupils have a great sense of pride in where they live. Growing up as model citizens and adding value to our community is at the forefront of our ambition.

Seeing is believing; so come and see if you can feel the excitement here at Christ the King.