Christ The King Catholic School

Christ The King Catholic School

Let the love of God shine through us by smiling and being gentle

Prayer Life of the School

Chaplaincy Team

Our school is proud to welcome you to the chaplaincy team!

The chaplaincy team is comprised of a group of pupils who take a lead role in modeling the Christian values of our school.  They not only help to develop the prayer life of the school through their involvement in collective worship and leading this, but also demonstrate how to live out Catholic Social Teachings too.  This has included them choosing charities to support, planning fundraising and sharing the message of why it is important to care for the needs of others.


Amongst the many wonderful resources in our school is included a small prayer room or chapel. This provides a serene space in which pupils, staff or visitors to the school may take a moment to pause, reflect or offer up their own personal prayers. Smaller than the main school hall, this room provides the perfect and more intimate space for class collective worship, often led by members of our school chaplaincy team.

October: Month of the Rosary

As Catholics, we dedicate the month of October to praying the Rosary. Our display in the main school hall shows our pupils the important prayers and scripture that we focus on during this time. At school we have chosen to focus on the luminous and joyful mysteries, discovering how and why Mary was specially chosen by God and using her model as a model on how to be faithful servants of God today.

We host a Rosary prayer group during the month of October where pupils are invited to gather in the prayer room and recite a decade of the Rosary, preceeded by the the scripture for one of these mysteries.