Christ The King Catholic School

Christ The King Catholic School

Let the love of God shine through us by smiling and being gentle


Life within our school is governed by the Christian values embodied in the Catholic Faith. We aim to develop good Christian values throughout the school based on the teachings of Christ as told in the Gospels. We hope to develop in the children a love for God through prayer, faith and respect.

Christ the King aspires to have the highest expectations of its children; we know that with the best teaching, there is no limit to their potential!  Our staff work tirelessly to develop their own practice and truly explore what makes effective teaching... and effective teaching practices are at the heart of the curriculum we are currently developing.

We are fully committed to provide a broad, knowledge rich, inspiring and challenging curriculum for all our pupils which is underpinned by our experiences, development and acts of the faith, so that our children are equipped with the skills, qualities, resilience and attributes to succeed as global citizens.

Whilst we ensure that there is a broad and rich curriculum on offer at Christ the King we prioritise and give the highest regard to the mastering of foundation knowledge, just as it is crucial in the younger years, so too must key developmental milestones in core skills be mastered at all ages. 

Reading and vocabulary development is an integral part of our curriculum. Pupils from all backgrounds, including those who are disadvantaged, are provided with the tools to access a broad curriculum within a developing language rich environment.

We believe in teaching that encourages the retention of that which is learned in the curriculum.

Learning is defined as an alteration in long-term memory. If nothing has been altered

in long-term memory then nothing has been learned.’

Sweller et al. 2011

We aim, through our teaching, to develop understanding by building well-rooted schema: by progressively planning and building on previous knowledge, we deliver content and knowledge in small, well-sequenced steps and consistently use questioning and feedback to address misconceptions and move learning forward for all pupils.

We favour spaced and distributed learning, where knowledge is rehearsed for short periods over a longer period of time. We aim to ensure retrieval practice is built in to strengthen memory by: providing knowledge organisers, calling attention to main ideas, provide daily, weekly and monthly reviews  and re-teach when necessary.

Our Foundation Subjects are taught through a sequenced, blocked approach, to allow for effective spaced learning which is contextually enriched to provide all our children with knowledge, understanding and opportunity.  We want our children to celebrate their own and other heritages, similarities and differences and build up knowledge, a sense of ambition and attributes, underpinned by our faith, which will prepare them for their next steps in life.