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Resource Base

I am delighted to welcome you to The Resource Base (The Orchard) at Christ the King School. The Orchard will welcome young people aged 5-11 from across Wiltshire with communication and interaction difficulties enabling them to thrive and gain the skills and knowledge they need to progress into positive further education.

Pupils have class teachers who are supported by a team of teaching assistants within the classroom. In addition, there are a range of staff who deliver bespoke programmes of support outside the classroom to support children in achieving their EHCP targets. The aim of the Resource Base is to integrate and include the children with peers of the same/similar age as much as possible in the mainstream part of the school.

The redesigned curriculum has a topic based approach where all subjects are taught around a learning focus each half term.  We aim to provide a practical curriculum that both inspires and challenges them to reach their potential. We ensure pupils can access the topics but also bring their learning to life through a variety of activities that are delivered in and out of the classroom environment. All pupils have high levels of speech and language support to ensure they access all areas of the curriculum.


Supporting Your Child
"All teachers are teachers of special needs" (SEN Code of Practice 2014)

Our speech and language therapist is allocated to the Ark for 1.5 days a week working closely with the staff and children providing programmes tailored to each child's specific areas of need.

At Christ the King, we want all pupils to experience a broad and balanced curriculum which will allow them to develop their skills and knowledge and enable them to be successful in whatever they choose to do. We provide:

  • small group work
  • National Curriculum adapted for all pupils
  • visual timetables for lessons and activities when required
  • managed, supportive environment to enable transitions
  • interpretation of EP advice and guidance
  • interpretation of OT advice and guidance
  • speech and language input and advice guidance
  • support with relationships/social skills
  • structured and individualised curriculum
  • PSHE/SEAL/Emotional Literacy curriculum
  • positive behaviour support

Keeping in Touch with You
We recognise that parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s education. We are passionate about working in partnership with you, as parents. We understand that by the very nature of the provision, face-to-face contact is not always possible as the majority of our children come to school in taxis. As such we communicate openly with you via e-mail, home-school link books as well as by phone.

We aim to foster an atmosphere of trust and co-operation with families by:

  • involving parents at every stage of their child’s support;
  • valuing their contribution in decision making and the on-going support of their child;
  • offering consultations three times a year (Autumn, Spring and Summer term) to discuss EHCP targets and twice a year at parent-teacher meetings, once a year through Annual Review meetings and informally as required. Additionally, parents are always welcome to talk to staff on the phone and through email or make additional appointments for meetings at any time within the year;
  • recording any concerns expressed by the parents and acting upon them accordingly.

How do I access the Communication and Interaction Resource Base for my child?
All children are referred to Christ the King's Orchard by Wiltshire Local Authority and it is through them that our placements are made. Each child will have an Education, Health, Care Plan in place in which their primary area of need is identified as Speech and Language.

What do I do now?
To find out more about Christ the King's Orchard, please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit and an informal chat.

Christ the King RC Primary School,
Earls Court Road,

Telephone:- 01980 622039

 To find out more, visit you can visit our class pages for the Resource Base here.