Christ The King Catholic School

Christ The King Catholic School

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Assessment and Reporting

The National Curriculum breaks learning down into each year group so there is a curriculum for each year group which all children are expected to achieve. At Christ the King Catholic Primary School attainment is reported as:


Working below the expected standard

Working towards the expected standard

Working at the expected standard

Working above the expected standard


We believe that formative (ongoing) assessment is at the heart of effective classroom practice.  The questions teachers ask of pupils, the observations they make, the attention they pay to the outcomes children produce in their books, all provide valuable information about what children can do, and what skills they need to develop next.  Our teachers at Christ the King use a simple Target Card system in Maths and English which they use to keep a record of what the children can do, and the gaps tell them what they need to teach next.

We also use a system of standardised tests to support the teachers' judgements, and to enable us to look in detail at the performance of children, groups and cohorts so we can evaluate the overall effectiveness of what we do, and make continual improvements.

Combined, this system of formative, and summative assessment inform teachers' planning; we are always keen to close gaps and to put in place extra support if a child is struggling. Our assessment system also helps us to communicate accurately to parents at the two Parental Consultations (Autumn & Spring terms) and in the annual written report to parents in the Summer term.